Tanja Ruetsch from Billafingen picked up her guitar during the Corona time and recorded her third song in Überlingen-Nussdorf. “In My Dreams” pays tribute to friendship by the 42-year-old mother of three.

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Tanja Ruetsch writes and sings songs during the Corona Pandemic, which are about confidence and friendship. Photo : Michael Schnurr.


By Michael Schnurr

There are many different ways of dealing with the challenges of a crisis. In just the same way that there are many different types of people. 42-year old Tanja Ruetsch found her own way of dealing with the crisis : she wrote songs and posted them on the Internet.

Song of Encouragement For Difficult Times

A year ago, under the pressure of the first Lockdown, Tanja picked up her guitar and composed the song “Wenn wir’s geschafft haben”, in english “When We Have Got Through This”. This song is about the worries that we are all confronted with due to the Corona Pandemic. She tried to act in a positive way against it. A song of encouragement with the chorus :

“Wir werden die Zeit schon überstehen, und wenn wir’s geschafft haben, wieder um die Häuser ziehen.“

In english - “We will survive, and when we have got through this, we will celebrate.”


Tanja Ruetsch, who sings under the artist name “einfach Tanja”, had immediate success with the song. The radio broadcaster SWR and a private broadcaster played her song, which was professionally produced by her friend Jojo Büld. Looking back, she said today “I thought the pandemic would soon be over and only last for a few weeks. I wanted to give people courage. As a mother of three children, I simply wrote down my ideas on paper.”

About Tanja Ruetsch

Tanja Ruetsch was born in 1978 in Esslingen and grew up in the Stuttgart area. Since 2009, she has lived with her husband Patrick and their three children in Owingen-Billafingen.

After leaving school, she completed a business administration training course. But she found office work boring. “I wanted to do something different instead of just filing in an office”, she said. “I wanted to be independent and not be responsible for anybody.” She applied to acting school and during her training, she took on acting roles in small theatre and film productions in and around Stuttgart.  There she met her husband, Patrick, who was from Lake Constance (Bodensee). During her acting studies, Tanja also started to have singing lessons.

Their second child was already on its way when Patrick was offered a job in Marketing in Überlingen. The move to the lake was now on the cards.

Today, they live with their three children aged 8, 11 and 12 in a spacious house in Billafingen.

During the Pandemic, Tanja Ruetsch fully realised the advantages of living in the countryside. “The clock ticks differently here compared to in the city, life is calmer, the children can go outside anytime and we have many friends around us”, she said. At first, she struggled with the fact that she couldn’t follow her passion for acting, but soon realised that her family required her full attention.

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Tanja Ruetsch from Billafingen picked up her guitar during the Corona time and recorded her third song in Überlingen-Nussdorf. “In My Dreams” pays tribute to friendship by the 42-year-old mother of three.


Then, at the beginning of the pandemic, the 42-year old discovered her love of music. She profited from her one year of singing lessons at acting school and began to compose melodies and write accompanying lyrics. In the last year, she has composed three songs. While her inspiration for the second song “How Does It Work” was the life crisis of a friend, her most recent song “In My Dreams” is a tribute to her friends. “Friendship is one of the most important things in life”, says Tanja Ruetsch. That is what she wanted to express in the song, especially during the Pandemic.


The American filmmaker Jeffrey van Davis (All My Tomorrows) from Hödingen liked the song so much that he wanted to use it as the soundtrack in his next film. His english musician friend Paul Chodak (www.aztec-warrior.co.uk) had already arranged and produced a demo version of Tanja’s song. In this demo version, he played all of the instruments, composed additional parts of the song to make it complete, recorded, mixed  and produced the song. He then organised a professional recording with music and video producer Michael Schäuble of StageDive Records in Nussdorf. In Michael’s recording studio, Tanja and Paul produced the song “In My Dreams” and released it as a new single on the Internet.

The new song “In My Dreams” can now be streamed and heard by everybody worldwide. Tanja Ruetsch said “Now it’s possible to see how the song is received. That’s a great way to get a response.”  And what if the song is not successful ? “Then so be it” she said confidently, “I live for the moment.”