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Film Director / Writer / Producer / Musician

Jeffrey van Davis is a great, multi-talented friend of mine originally from Chicago, USA but who now lives by Lake Constance in south Germany.

Jeffrey is remarkable and unique because he not only has numerous facets and talents, but also has a charming, charismatic personality.

During his working life, he was a university professor of American Studies, Communications and Media & Politics in both Germany and the USA. Jeffrey was also a Film Producer/Director in a number of TV and Radio stations in the USA. For the last 6 years of his professional career, he was an english teacher, houseparent and the Director of the Video Film Workshops at Salem International College.

Since 1976, Jeffrey has been an active filmmaker specialising in documentaries, narratives, screenplays and feature films. He has won numerous prizes and awards for "Best Screenplay", "Best Film", "Best Editing", "Best Director", "Best Producer" and "Best Actress" at several international film festivals including Cannes, Houston,   Las Vegas, Hollywood Dreams, Chicago and AOF Megafest.

Jeffrey is also a talented jazz drummer and has played in several bands including Southern Railway and can regularly be seen on stage playing improvisation with other jazz musicians in The Ochsen Hotel/Restaurant in Überlingen, Lake Constance, Germany 

A small selection of Jeffrey's many great film and music productions are shown below.



Featured Documentaries And Films


Only A God Can Save Us - is a documentary about one of the most influential philosophers of the 20th century -  Martin Heidegger from Germany.

Much of his philosophy is shrouded in confusion and controversy. His appalling and enthusiastic support for National Socialism poses some serious questions about Heidegger's thoughts in particular and philosophy in general. Was he, as many believe, the most profound thinker of the 20th century or was he a petty bourgeois from the province whose thoughts sprung from the Blut und Boden (blood and soil) of the humble origins of his conservative Catholic youth, or both?

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All My Tomorrows - is a feature film in which a lawyer mourning his wife's death meets a Mexican-American prostitute in a hotel room where, in a brutally honest confrontation involving fighting, drinking and having sex, they confront their deepest fears and desires, and in the process discover each other's humanity.

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More information about all of Jeffrey's documentaries, films, screenplays, film festival prizes and awards can be found on his IMDb website:

and on his YouTube channel:



Featured Music Videos


Black Forest Train - is a "Going Home" song from the country band Southern Railway featuring Jeffrey van Davis on drums, who originate from the Lake Constance area of south Germany.

It tells the story of a man who leaves his home town in the Black Forest region of Germany to try out his luck in the "lowlands".

Although he likes his new life, he knows that his heart and soul belong in the Black Forest, and so he makes a steam train journey back to his home town, where he is reunited with his loved ones and can find true happiness again.




Alligator Race - is a fast moving instrumental country song from the Lake Constance band Southern Railway. This one will help you shake off any alligator and get you up on the dancefloor for sure !!

Keeping the beat on the drums with his striking white ten gallon hat is the one and only Jeffrey van Davis.



More information about the country band Southern Railway can be found on their YouTube channel :