Paul Chodak is an english born singer/songwriter/musician who has lived in the Lake Constance area of south Germany for over 30 years.

During his varied life, he has had two working professions. For 21 years, he was a software engineer in the aerospace industry and worked on defence and earth observation satellite projects. He then changed career and became a Pre-IB & IB Mathematics teacher in the international branch of Schule Schloss Salem, one of Germany's most prestigious international boarding schools.

Since his youth, he has played guitar, drums and keyboard with great passion. He now composes, plays and sings in his own band Aztec Warrior. At present, Aztec Warrior is a 1-man band, but he has had collaborations with several different musicians, as well as with music, radio and film producers (see Collaborations pages).

Since 2019, Aztec Warrior has released four singles and two albums. Further singles and albums will follow. More detailed information can be found on the Music, Videos and News pages.

Aztec Warrior's music cannot be put into a single genre. His inspiration for composing a wide variety of songs is determined by the current events in his life. There are times when a soft, melodic and predominantly acoustic song is exactly what the doctor ordered. At other times, a raunchy, fast moving rock song is what's needed to blow the cobwebs away !!

Aztec Warrior's unique style has made his music instantly recognisable and popular with music lovers of all ages. His greatest desire is to create music that speaks to as wide a selection of fans as possible. Check out his website to find out more about him, to hear his music, and also to discover some of his other passions and interests on the Miscellaneous page.