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einfach Tanja is a singer/songwriter, who was born and spent her youth in Stuttgart.

She is also a trained actress and has played many roles in theatre productions and small film projects.

Today, she lives with her husband and three children near Lake Constance, Germany.



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This song is about friendship. When you're no longer a child, have moved house several times and have a lot more committments, it's not always possible to keep in touch with your friends as much as you would like. Everybody has their own lives, lives in different places and has made new friends. But when you're celebrating and have nice moments, you often think about old friends and wish that they could be there with you.

Composition, Lyrics and Vocals by einfach Tanja.

Photo Source : Pixabay No. 2417436. Photographer : Free-Photos.

Intro and Guitar Solo Composition, Music Arrangement and Production by Aztec Warrior.

Mixing and Mastering by Michael Schäuble of StageDive Records.

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Extra special thanks to our great friend, musician, film producer and director Jeffrey van Davis, whose vision, enthusiasm, helpful suggestions and financial support made everything possible. The song In My Dreams will be used as the soundtrack in one of Jeffrey's new films to be shot on location in the USA later in the year. More details will appear on the News page.

Many thanks also go to our good friend, musician, songwriter and music producer Wolfgang Scheller for his many helpful suggestions and enthusiasm.

And what would we have done without the fantastic mixing and mastering skills of Michael Schäuble of StageDive Records. It always such a pleasure and great fun to work with you.



Our Future featuring einfach Tanja on vocals, is a melodic pop song and is about the arrival of Aztec Warrior's youngest daughter Rhian into the world back in 1990, when the song was originally written. This was Aztec Warrior's first single to be released.

Many thanks to my former school rock band singer Ellie Schäffter for her wonderful cover photo work.

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This song is about those days where everything goes wrong and you're feeling really down. You've given up hope and then all of a sudden, something wonderful happens that you didn't expect ...

Composition, Lyrics and Vocals by einfach Tanja.

Guitar Solo Composition, Music Arrangement and Production by Aztec Warrior.

Photo Source : Pixabay No. 1246525.

Photographer : Free-Photos.

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Other songs and music videos from einfach Tanja can be found on her YouTube music channel

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